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Medical equipment 

Combined physiotherapy device COMBIMED 2200 EME (Prestige series)

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Manufacturer: EME

Manufacturer country:  Italy

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The Combimed 2200 is a modern combination therapy device with two independent electrotherapy channels and one ultrasound therapy channel. The combined electro-ultrasound therapy device expands the possibilities of electrostimulation / electrodiagnostics and ultrasound therapy and is used in the departments of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as in sports medicine. 

Each channel of electrotherapy is controlled by its own microcontroller that transmits signals in accordance with the specified parameters, which simplifies the work of the doctor and increases the efficiency of the procedure. Electrotherapy modes stimulate muscle activity, thermal, trophic, analgesic and chemical effects, while ultrasound therapy is used for sciatica, neuritis, and rearthritis.

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  1. The COMBIMED 2200 has 2 independent electrotherapy outputs and 1 ultrasound therapy output.
  2. Generates all ranges of low and medium frequency currents;
  3. This model is favorably distinguished by the ability to display graphic variable ratios: intensity and time, rheobase and chronaxy on a graphic black and white LCD display (6 inches) with TFT technology (visible from any position).
  4. The color LCD touch screen displays therapy information for working with therapy protocols.
  5. By using a smart card or by connecting to the Internet, functions and programs developed by EME can be added as the software is improved and updated.
  6. The presence of a state-of-the-art ultrasound sensor provides maximum protection for the therapist's hands while generating maximum power.
  7. The ultrasonic sensor has a waterproof design: a sensor that activates the supply of ultrasonic energy when normal contact between the sensor and the patient's body is achieved, and a self-calibration system, which guarantees its optimal operation and saves the therapist's time.
  8. Presence of programmed treatment methods, as well as the ability to record and save additional ones on a smart card.
  9. It is important to have a stabilization mode for voltage or current at the output, as well as giving a signal about an open circuit in the patient.
  10. The menu is Russified (with support for other world languages).

Technical specifications

Name / Model:hand-held combination therapy machine COMBIMED 2200 EME
Voltage:230-110V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 100 watts
Energy security category:I type BF
Protection against liquids:IPX0
LCD display:320x240 DPI
Software:40 electrotherapy programs - 40 ultrasound therapy programs - 20 combination programs
Internal memory of the SMART card:200 programs (100 for electrotherapy, 100 for ultrasound therapy)
Procedural timer:1-99 min (depending on the selected mode)
Total number of independent outputs:3 (2 for electrotherapy and 1 ultrasound)
Number of current forms:11
Maximum output charge:100 V
Maximum output voltage:120 mA
Dual frequency:1/3 MHz
Power regulation:0.1-2 W / cm²
Pulse power:0.1-3 W / cm²
Dimensions:390 x 890 x 300 mm
The weight:7 kg

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