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Medical equipment 

Equipment for COVID-19

Oxygen concentrators, magnetotherapy devices, MOTOmed exercise machines and other equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation after coronavirus infection COVID-19

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Medical equipment for the treatment of COVID-19 in Tashkent: where and what to buy?

The accuracy and reliability of medical equipment and technology in the treatment and diagnosis of coronavirus infection COVID-19 is the key to correct diagnosis and successful treatment. However, the cost of a particular device does not always correspond to the quality and functionality. Moreover, buying through intermediaries there is always a risk of overpaying.

If you want to buy medical equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19, we will help you choose, set up and test oxygen concentrators, ventilators and anesthetic and respiratory equipment, defibrillators, portable X-ray and ultrasound machines, medical aspirators, magnetotherapy devices, rehabilitation simulators and other equipment to combat coronavirus infection. 

For more than 20 years, Ab Form Sistem has been cooperating with the best manufacturers of medical equipment from Germany, USA, Italy, Russia and South Korea, which guarantees a favorable price and decent quality of the supplied equipment. Also, under the order, direct deliveries from manufacturing plants are carried out. 

All equipment for the fight against coronavirus supplied by Ab Form Sistem meets quality standards International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and also passed the obligatory state registration of medical devices and equipment. All taken together will allow you to buy medical equipment for COVID-19 in Tashkent and other regions of the country at first hand.


Since 2020, we have been delivering to all regions of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan by prior arrangement

Equipment for rehabilitation after coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the clinic and at home

With the complex equipment of clinics and hospitals for the rehabilitation of patients after coronavirus infection, the question of which medical equipment to choose and what to look for first of all arises.

It should be noted that if the equipment for combating coronavirus is intended to provide early diagnosis and stabilization of vital body functions, then equipment for rehabilitation after coronavirus infection COVID-19 is aimed at restoring lost functions and overall health improvement.

Due to the acute shortage of beds in the treatment of patients with COVID-19, hospital discharge often occurs immediately after the crisis has passed. However, in order to fully restore the functions of respiration, the cardiovascular system, and in some cases, the musculoskeletal system, a full course of rehabilitation is required.

Depending on the functionality, all equipment for combating coronavirus when equipping rehabilitation wards and for private use at home can be divided into 5 main groups.

  • Hydrotherapy devices and baths of non-contact and automatic hydromassage. According to the mechanism of action, hydromassage and balneological baths improve tissue trophism and contribute to the accelerated restoration of vital volume of the lungs (VLV) and respiratory function. 
  • Combination therapy devices of the POLYTER EVO type (depending on the configuration, they can replace up to 5 physiotherapy devices). This modular device also supports the Tekar-therapy module, which allows the use of high-frequency current not felt by the patient, which penetrates the tissues in the form of electromagnetic energy and turns into heat. Relief of musculoskeletal pain by improving the fluidity of the joint fluid is one of the actions of the combination therapy device with the Tecar module.
  • The well-known Almag series pulse magnetotherapy devices (Almag-01, Almag-02, Diamag) are simple and proven magnetotherapy devices used both in hospitals and at home. Particularly distinguished in the rehabilitation of patients after COVID19 Almag-02 as a recommendation of the Ministry of Health of Russia for inclusion in the list of rehabilitation measures in patients after coronavirus infection. The restorative effect of Almag-02 is due to the increased depth of penetration of magnetic impulses and the ability to act on two zones at once.
  • Unique rehabilitation simulators of arms and legs - MOTOmed (with passive, active and active-passive modes for the gradual restoration of motor activity) are presented by the German manufacturer RECK-Technik GmbH & Co, specializing in the production of mechanotherapy simulators and medical equipment since 1957.
  • Low-frequency electrotherapy devices for electrophoresis, galvanization and extended amplipulse therapy. Available portable electrotherapy devices are represented by the Radius line. 

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Specializes in the production and import of medical products. The main suppliers of the equipment of the company "AB FORM SISTEM" are the countries of near and far abroad - Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Korea, China, Japan.
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