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Modular combined physiotherapy device POLYTER EVO OUTDOOR

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Manufacturer: EME

Manufacturer country:  Italy

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POLYTER EVO is a modular multifunctional device for combined physiotherapy that can replace any narrow-profile device for laser, magnetic, ultrasonic and electrotherapy. With the release of POLYTER EVO OUTDOOR, the Italian manufacturer EME has revolutionized the production of medical equipment for physiotherapy. POLYTER EVO OUTDOOR is the ideal device for home and outdoor therapy

Compared to other combined physiotherapy devices, they are distinguished by their high mobility and versatility due to modular use. The simple and user-friendly software has been developed using all the functions and graphical capabilities of modern operating systems. And the MULTITHERAPY Polyter Evo mode will recognize the inserted module and offer a serial protocol with two or more technologies, depending on the modules available in the machine. 

This Polyter Evo model with a built-in Tecar module is ideal for high-frequency tecar therapy and has proven itself both in the practice of a physiotherapist, as well as a sports doctor and a rehabilitation therapist. The high efficiency of POLYTER EVO OUTDOOR lies in the effect on various tissues from the inside, thereby accelerating the regeneration of body cells and activating anti-inflammatory processes. The tissues are quickly saturated with oxygen, the pain decreases, and the muscles relax as much as possible.

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  1. The combination therapy device allows you to include up to 5 modules (ultrasound, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy (tecar therapy), laser therapy in one mobile device.

  2. The battery capacity of the device can work up to 4 hours in stand-alone mode.

  3. The innovative software with the "Multi-therapy" function assists the therapist during the treatment, guaranteeing excellent results.

  4. Ideal for those who perform procedures at home, as well as in any medical institution that needs a complex physiotherapy apparatus at no extra cost. 

  5. POLYTER EVO OUTDOOR Tecar module promotes early recovery in the rehabilitation period after injuries, inflammatory pathologies of joints and tendons, as well as in the complex rehabilitation of COVID-19 in the presence of musculoskeletal pain.
  6. The long-lasting rechargeable battery (Ni-MH) is capable of providing up to 10 hours of operation without recharging and up to 4 hours of use.
  7. For convenience and additional functionality, it is possible to individually configure and save work programs for the full course of treatment and a patient card using flash memory. 
  8. It is possible to update the software via flash memory.
  9. The wide color 7 ”(17.8 cm) full touch screen provides maximum comfort for therapist when using the device.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:hand-held combination therapy machine POLYTER EVO
General characteristics:
Display:touchscreen LCD with backlight, graphic color, 7 "
Electrical safety class:II / B
Mobility:due to our own transportable polyurethane foam trolley
High Intensity Laser Therapy Module (HILT):
Laser power:4W
Laser wavelength: 980 nm
Frequency:100 Hz to 10,000 Hz
Radiation:continuous and pulsed
POLYTER EVO advantages: defocusing tip with the ability to adjust the light spot, blocking, protective glasses for the doctor and the patient, automatic flux density measurement, generator with the ability to trigger sensors with one or more diodes, automatic sensor recognition, real-time contact detection.
Safety class:
Power:up to 200 W
Mode:capacitive / resistive
Operating modes:athermia, endothermia, diathermy
Ultrasound therapy module:
Number of channels:1
Sensor frequency:1/3 MHz, built-in contact sensor
Working hours:continuous and pulsed
Sensor recognition:automatic
Electrotherapy module:
Forms of currents:29 currents of low and medium frequency.
Number of channels:2
Current mode:constant, max. power 100 mA
POLYTER EVO Benefitssynchronization function of 2 channels, notification of network openness while disconnecting the current supply, increasing and decreasing the intensity in a progressive manner.
Magnetic therapy module:
Number of channels:1
Maximum induction:up to 100 Gs
Frequency: up to 100 Hz. Constant and continuous


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