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Medical equipment 

Low-frequency portable magnetic therapy device MAG-30

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Manufacturer: Elatomsky Instrument Plant - Elamed

Manufacturer country:   Russia

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Physiotherapeutic device MAG-30 is designed to provide a therapeutic effect on the human body with an alternating magnetic field of low frequency. Low-frequency sinusoidal magnetic field Mag-30 has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves microcirculatory processes and local blood circulation, promotes resorption of inflammatory and traumatic edema and, improving conditions for the restoration of damaged tissues, accelerates reparative regeneration.

Due to its good tolerance, portability and treatment of a wide range of diseases, MAG-30 has proven itself well in magnetotherapy of debilitated patients, elderly patients suffering from concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system; patients prone to allergic reactions to medications.

The breadth of the spectrum of application of this magnetic therapy device ensures the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the female genital organs (inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, hypofunction of the ovaries, insufficiency of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, algomenorrhea, premenstrual and climacteric syndrome, adhesions in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, pathological lactostasis, subinvolution of the uterus in the postpartum period), diabetes mellitus, diseases of the venous system (deep vein thrombosis of the leg).

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Distinctive properties

  1. Due to its good tolerance, MAG-30 is used in cases where the impact of other physiotherapeutic methods (UHF, microwave therapy, ultrasound therapy) is not allowed.
  2. It is widely used both in traumatology and orthopedics for the treatment and rehabilitation of bone and cartilage tissue and in gynecological and obstetric practice for inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, complications after surgical delivery.
  3. MAG-30 has shown good clinical efficacy in diseases of the venous system, including chronic thrombophlebitis and trophic damage caused by it.
  4. There has been a positive impact on the rehabilitation of patients with diabetes mellitus. In particular, the frequency and intensity of diabetic angiopathy and diabetic polyneuropathy decreases.
  5. Local effects of a magnetic field cause a general adaptive restructuring of the whole organism and anti-inflammatory effects in areas remote from the site of exposure. When exposed, sensations are usually absent. If the nerve center enters the zone of action, sometimes painful sensations appear, which helps to restore an adequate response of the body to internal disturbances (pains quickly pass). 
  6. Treatment of chronic diseases, as a rule, proceeds through an aggravation of painful sensations in the first 5-10 days, which gradually disappear at the end of the course of treatment. In severe forms of the disease, painful sensations can disappear only with a second course of treatment.
  7. Contraindications to the use of the MAG-30 apparatus are general contraindications for all physiotherapeutic procedures, such as pregnancy, systemic blood diseases, acute pyoinflammatory diseases, alcohol intoxication, malignant neoplasms, thyrotoxicosis.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:portable low-frequency magnetic therapy apparatus MAG-30
Power supply:220-230 V / 50 Hz
Magnetic field intensity:30 ± 9 mT
Power consumption:30 VA
Exposure time (depending on the disease):20 minutes.
Operating temperature range: 10–35 ° C
Safety class:II type B
Overall dimensions of the radiation unit: 117 x 80 x 55 mm
Weight:no more than 0.6 kg

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