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Medical equipment 

Neonatal equipment

Neonatal ventilators, incubators (incubators) for newborns, phototherapy lamps and other neonatal equipment

Information on how to buy neonatal equipment

Where to buy equipment for neonatology 

Neonatal equipment is designed to provide specialized medical care to a newborn in the first 28 days of life. The most in demand are highly adaptive and improved newborn incubators for intensive care and nursing of premature babies, ultra-precise scales, phototherapeutic irradiators for the treatment of neonatal jaundice and other medical equipment.

You can buy neonatal equipment in Tashkent (and beyond) by filling out a simple application form on our website and specifying the exact contact information. If you find it difficult to find the optimal combination of price and quality, we will consult for free and select the equipment suitable for your particular medical center. 

For over 20 years, Ab Form Sistem has specialized in the supply of neonatal equipment from the leading manufacturers of properly controlled medical devices. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well as state registration.

We also carry out direct deliveries of specific models from other manufacturers on request. More information about the company and its activities can be found here... You can view the list of partner brands in the section Partners


Since 2020, we have been delivering to all regions of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan by prior arrangement.

How to choose a neonatal ventilator 

The neonatal ventilator is a key intensive care unit for newborns with impaired respiratory function, which requires a competent approach to choice. Ventilators for newborns are widely used both in maternity hospitals and in children's intensive care units.

In addition to German and Chinese manufacturers (the latter, due to their relatively low cost), the most popular are Swiss and Russian models with high accuracy and performance. However, the country of manufacture is not always a decisive factor in choosing a ventilator for newborns.

You should also pay attention to a number of basic parameters when choosing neonatal ventilators.

  1. Mode of action: internal and external action and respiration electrostimulators.
  2. By design, neonatal mechanical ventilation is divided into mobile (portable) and stationary. 
  3. One of the classic examples of a mobile neonatal ventilator is the Russian-made POTOK ventilator. Thanks to the built-in microcompressor of air and oxygen-air mixer, which provides accurate dosing of oxygen in the respiratory stream without the use of general hospital supply lines (or individual compressors) of compressed medical air, controlled by PEEP and controlled flow of the respiratory mixture, the neonatal ventilation "POTOK" is a leader in sales.
  4. By the type of drive, devices with manual, electric, combined, and pneumatic drives are distinguished.
  5. Models with pneumatic drive operate autonomously and do not depend on an external power source. They can be connected to compressed breathing gas cylinders. 
  6. Also distinguish between invasive and non-invasive (mask) ventilators. The latter are more mobile, which allows their use both in stationary and emergency mode of ambulance and emergency care, saving the lives of young patients.

About company

Specializes in the production and import of medical products. The main suppliers of the equipment of the company "AB FORM SISTEM" are the countries of near and far abroad - Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Korea, China, Japan.
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