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Low-frequency electrotherapy device Radius-01 Inter SM

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Manufacturer: CLARE

Manufacturer country:  Belarus

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Radius-01 Inter SM is the most profitable model of a multifunctional low-frequency therapy device at minimal cost. With the help of Radius-01 Inter SM, extended amplipulse therapy, galvanization and drug electrophoresis, electrical stimulation, diadynamic therapy, transcranial micropolarization, electrosleep therapy, fluctuation, interference therapy, etc. are possible. 

Indications for physiotherapy with low-frequency electric currents using Radius-01 Inter SM can be arthritis and arthrosis, respiratory diseases, diseases of the nervous system, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, swelling of the legs after trauma, inflammation of the female genital organs, chronic prostatitis, osteochondrosis and trauma spine, urolithiasis, overweight.

In general, the choice of the low-frequency electrotherapy mode depends on the indications and is prescribed by the doctor. For example, galvanization and electrophoresis are prescribed for sleep disorders, brain and spinal cord injuries, trophic disorders, while transcranial electroanalgesia is prescribed for vegetative dystonia, coronary heart disease and neuralgia.

Electrotherapy devices manufactured by Radius are also represented by other models differing in functionality and cost. We recommend viewing Radius-01 FT, Radius-01 Inter and Radius-01 Cranio, as well as a universal magnetotherapy apparatus "Radius-Magnet".

If necessary, it can be used in the complex rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.


  1. A wide range of generated types of currents: from widely used galvanic, diadynamic, sinusoidal modulated, to fluctuating, rectangular (for transcranial procedures) and interference.
  2. Radius-01 Inter SM comprehensively combines all functions for operation in modes of various currents: 
    1. extended amplipulse therapy (SMT),
    2. electrostimulation (SMT), 
    3. diadynamic therapy (DDT), 
    4. medicinal electrophoresis and galvanization (HT), 
    5. electrosleep therapy (Eson), 
    6. transcranial analgesia (TEA), 
    7. transcranial electrical stimulation (TPP), 
    8. interference therapy (IT).
  3. As a low-frequency electrotherapy apparatus of a wide spectrum, it is used in physiotherapy rooms, in sports medicine, in rehabilitation centers, in dental offices, in beauty salons, in sanatoriums and dispensaries, in medical institutions and at home.
  4. Automatic timer from 0.5 to 60 minutes with 0.5 minute steps and a sound signal.
  5. Smooth adjustment of the patient current strength by the ergonomic regulator knob in the range from 0.0 mA to the set safe patient current limit.
  6. For the safety of the procedure, the patient current can be limited from 1 to 80 mA (up to 40 mA for interference therapy), in 1 mA steps.
  7. Automatic setting of the current regulator to zero position after the end of the procedure;
  8. Automatic saving of the set parameters of current and procedure.
  9. Possibility of changing the polarity of the patient current.
  10. The portable multifunctional physiotherapy apparatus "Radius-01 Inter SM" is intended for the treatment of various diseases by the method of electrotherapy with currents of both low and medium frequency.
  11. This model of the device advantageously combines the functions of the "Radius-01 Inter" and "Radius-01 FT" devices, thereby being able to replace several devices.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:electrotherapy apparatus Radius-01 Inter SM
Possibility of programming the main parameters:there is
Carrier Frequency Selectable: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 kHz
Modulating frequency selection:from 1 to 150, through one or discretely.
Shutdown at the end of the procedure:sound,


Screen:digital LCD with backlight
Patient current: 0-48 mA in 1 mA steps
Number of channels:2+1
Timer:0.5-60 min
Carrier frequency of sinusoidal oscillations in the mode of formation of SMT currents:2000 ± 200,  3000 ± 300, 4000 ± 400, 5000 ± 500, 6000 ± 600, 7000 ± 700, 8000 ± 800, 9000 ± 900, 10000 ± 1000 Hz
Carrier frequency of sinusoidal oscillations in the mode of formation of the interference current: 4000 ± 400 Hz
Power consumption:up to 30 W
Continuous working time:up to 8 h
Power supply:220 ± 22/50 V / Hz
Device electrical safety (protection class): II, BF (does not require protective earth)
Dimensions:320 x 300 x 105 mm
Machine weight: 3.5 kg

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