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BRYZA post shower NPLE

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Manufacturer: Meden-Inmed

Manufacturer country: Poland

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The BRYZA NPLE rain shower is a unique shower set for a circular shower that has an even effect on all areas of the body. in the process of hydromassage. A rain shower is most often prescribed for the treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system, metabolic disorders, especially accompanied by obesity, dyskinesia, hypertension without crisis conditions, and also as a final procedure after wet wrapping.

The department of management is similar to the rain shower BRYZA NPL2 and consists of 2 thermostatic mixers, an electronic temperature sensor and an electronic control panel. Additional equipment includes a pump that provides the required water pressure and protection against accidental start-up.

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  1. Freestanding chair for rain shower control made of fiberglass reinforced gelcoat.
  2. 2 independent thermostats for smooth regulation of the temperature of hot and cold water and an electronic temperature sensor.
  3. 2 solenoid valves for fast water temperature change - switching between warm water and cold water from thermostats. 
  4. The department must be connected to the mains and controlled by an electronic control panel with a temperature indicator. 
  5. The procedure time can be counted (1-99 minutes).
  6. There are 3 standard programs and 4 user programs.
  7. The tank evens out minor fluctuations in water pressure in the water supply network.
  8. 4 non-slip feet with height adjustment, allow you to level the device to the desired level.
  9. The pressure regulating pump is used in case of pressure drop in the network.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:rain shower BRYZA NPLE
Warm and cold water pressure:4-6 bar
Warm water temperature:60 ° C
Nutrition:230/50 V / Hz
Power consumption:0.9 Kw
NPLE dimensions (L x W x H):100x67x55 cm
NPLE Management Department (lxwxh):420 x 640 x 940 mm
Shower frame dimensions (L x W x H):216 x 89 x 89 cm
Electrical safety class:I, type B

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