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ORKAN Jet (Scottish) shower NBC1

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Manufacturer: Meden-Inmed

Manufacturer country: Poland

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The ORKAN (also known as "Charcot" or "Scottish") high pressure jet shower unit is designed for underwater massage using a hose with replaceable tips. Orkan type NBC1 allows the procedure to be performed in all therapeutic baths and pools.

A feature of the ORKAN NBC1 (Scottish) jet shower is the contrasting effect of cold and hot water. This type of shower is widely used to treat the effects of stress, fatigue, insomnia, in addition to vascular and musculoskeletal diseases, intestinal disorders and allergies. 

In cosmetology, it is used for the treatment of obesity, cellulite, skin tone disorders, prevention and reduction of its age-related changes. For use in health resorts, departments and offices of hydrotherapy. As a rule, the water temperature during the course of treatment gradually decreases from 36 to 25 ° C.

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  1. Free-standing chair of jet shower control (Charcot) ORKAN NBC1.
  2. Thermostatic accumulator.
  3. 2 high pressure water jet massage nozzles.
  4.  The regulation of the fan jet of water is independent of the other nozzle.
  5.  Simultaneous operation on both injectors is possible.
  6. The nozzles rotate within the range of the treatment area.
  7. Descent nozzles start water massage (with the possibility of blockade - permanent massage) with a hand support.
  8. 2 thermostats for temperature regulation, independently for each nozzle.
  9. 2 pressure gauges and 2 thermometers showing pressure and temperature independently for each nozzle.
  10. 2 valves that regulate the intensity of massage (pressure) or shut off the water supply, independently for each nozzle.
  11. 4 non-slip, height-adjustable feet for free leveling of the shower head.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:jet shower ORKAN NBC1
Number of nozzles:2
Warm and cold water pressure:4-6 bar
Warm water temperature:60 ° C
Mixed water temperature:60 ° C +/- 2 ° C
Power supply:230/50 V / Hz
Power consumption:0.9 Kw
Dimensions:115x64x55 cm
Electrical safety class:I, type B

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