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Medical equipment 

Transcranial electrotherapy device Radius-01 Cranio

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Manufacturer: CLARE

Manufacturer country:  Belarus

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Due to the innovative technique of influencing the structures of the brain, Radius-01 Cranio is one of the main devices for transcranial electrotherapy (TET). 

The built-in modes of the Radius-01 Cranio electrotherapy device allow 7 basic procedures of physiotherapy with electric currents: electrosleep therapy (Eson), transcranial electroanalgesia (TEA), transcranial electrostimulation (TES), mesodiencephalic modulation (MDM), transcranial galvanization and interphoresis TINT) and therapeutic electro-optimization (TEO).

The therapeutic effect of transcranial electrotherapy (TET) on the recovery and rehabilitation of patients experiencing stress, fatigue, and sleep disturbances, allergic diseases, the consequences of traumatic brain injuries and diseases of the nervous system has been proven. Radius-01 Cranio promotes acceleration of healing processes after injuries, prevention of immunodeficiency states and maintenance of muscle tone in ischemic heart disease.

Electrotherapy devices manufactured by Radius are also represented by other models differing in functionality and cost. We recommend viewing Radius-01 Inter SM, Radius-01 Inter and Radius-01 FT, as well as a universal magnetotherapy apparatus "Radius-Magnet".

If necessary, it can be used in the complex rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.


  1. Radius-01 Cranio affects the patient's head area with galvanic, low-frequency rectangular pulses and low-strength interference currents (up to 15mA).
  2. The device is supplied with nosological electrode stencils (masks) - devices for convenient fixation of conductive electrodes on the head.
  3. The device implements the function of therapeutic electro-optimization (TEO), which allows you to expand the limits of regulation of current parameters beyond the standard limits, in order to individualize the impact.
  4. By stimulating metabolic processes and the body's immune system by means of electrical impulses to certain parts of the brain, the apparatus contributes to the correct functioning without causing an imbalance in the body, as is the case with classical treatment with medications.
  5. It is successfully used in the treatment of alcohol, tobacco, drug and other types of addiction.
  6. The mechanism of action of transcranial electrotherapy (TET) is based on the reflex and direct effect of a pulsed rectangular current on the structures of the human brain. 
  7. In this case, the subcortical-brainstem formations located near the base of the brain, the limbic system, are exposed to the greatest influence of impulse currents. As a result, their functional state changes significantly, the vegetative support of various functions of the body, the central nervous system, and cortical-subcortical relationships improves.
  8. There is an automatic balancing of currents in both channels and protection against a sharp rise in current in one of the channels in the event of a break in the other.
  9. During the procedure, the LCD displays information about the parameters of the currents, there is also the possibility of sound notification of events.
  10. Automatic completion of the procedure with a smooth decrease in the patient current to zero is possible when the set safe limit of the patient current is exceeded and after the end of the procedure by the timer command.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:electrotherapy apparatus Radius-01 Cranio
Possibility of programming basic parameters there is
IT frequency control ranges  
in manual mode:0-100 Hz
in automatic mode:(0-10; 25-50; 50-100; 90-100; 0-100) Hz with repetition of 15 ± 1.5 s
Supply voltage:207 - 253 V
Power consumption:no more than 30 W
Shutdown at the end of the procedure:sound,


Screen:digital LCD with backlight
Patient current:0-15 mA in 1 mA steps
Number of channels: 1 + 2 (for IT)
Timer:0.5-60 min
Continuous working time: up to 8 h
Device electrical safety (protection class):II, BF (does not require protective earth)
Dimensions:320 x 300 x 105 mm
Machine weight:3.5 kg

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