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Microwave therapy device Radarmed 2500CP RT1341

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Manufacturer: EME PHYSIO

Manufacturer country:   Italy

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The Radarmed 2500 CP - RT1341 device is a mobile device for microwave therapy (radar therapy) that allows the therapy of acute conditions in a pulsed mode, as well as long procedures in a pulsed or continuous mode, without the risk of tissue overheating and discomfort for the patient. Possible both pulsed and continuous microwave (CMW) therapy. 

The therapeutic effect of the microwave therapy device consists in an analgesic effect (analgesic effect), an increase in metabolic processes, a reduction in joint rigidity (in case of joint diseases), a decrease in inflammatory effusions in the joint cavities and edema until complete recovery, as well as an improvement in blood circulation and microcirculation.

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  1. The presence of about 100 protocols (programs) of treatment, as well as the ability to install 200 new user programs developed by the manufacturer;
  2. The presence of a special 2.5 GHz high frequency sinusoidal signal generator, which allows you to set a pulse or continuous mode of operation with a duty cycle of 25, 50, 75 or 100% (this means that the peak power reaches 1600 W);
  3. The presence of an alarm that is triggered in the event of overheating;
  4. Exclusive protection system to increase the duration of the magnetron.
  5. Color LCD touch display with the possibility of Russification.
  6. Round antenna.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:microwave therapy machine Radarmed 2500 CP - RT1341
Pulse peak power:1600 W
Continuous peak power:250 W
Number of protocols loaded into memory:100
Total number of stored protocols:200 + 200 on smart card
Color graphic display:320x240 pixels (touch and scroll)
Supply voltage:230 / 50-60 V / Hz
Power consumption: 600 watts
Operating environment temperature:from 10 to 40 ° C
Timer:1-30 minutes
Dimensions:39 x 89 x 30 cm
Appliance weight:40 Kg

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