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Medical equipment 

Medical floor scales VEM-150-A3

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Manufacturer: "MASSA-K"

Manufacturer country:   Russia

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Electronic medical scales VEM-150-A3 are intended for weighing people in medical, sports, health institutions and in everyday life. This A3 model has a rectangular upright post. Floor scales with a built-in rechargeable battery providing autonomous operation of scales up to 56 hours and the ability to connect to a computer. 

Due to its intended use in medicine, the scales can be sanitized (with disinfection solutions and irradiation with quartz).

There are several variations of the medical floor scale. VEM-150 from the leading Russian manufacturer of electronic scales "MASSA-K". You can learn more about VEM-150-A1 and VEM-150-A2 by clicking on the link corresponding to the product or by contacting us by filling out a simple contact form on the page Contacts.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.


  1. Medical scales have an LCD display 
  2. Large LCD indicator with three backlight modes.
  3. The largest limit of weighing (LEL) is 200 kg.
  4. The presence of a built-in battery will allow the medical scales to work autonomously for a long time.
  5. Medical scales VEM-150-A3 have electronic and mechanical protection against accidental overloads.
  6. Of the additional features, it is worth noting the display of the difference between the results of two weighings, as well as the display of the weighing result on the scale indicator for 10-15 seconds after unloading the platform.
  7. The tare weight is set by pressing the "T" button.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:VEM-150-A3
Platform dimensions:520x395x95 mm
Display device dimensions:265x105x55 mm
Scale height with stand:800 mm
Largest weighing limit:200 Kg
Sample limit of tare weight: 50 Kg
Value of division:10/20 / 50g
Measurement time:no more than 4s
Charging time for a fully discharged battery:10 hours
Time of continuous operation of the balance from the battery without indicator backlight:56 hours
The time of continuous operation of the scales from the battery with the indicator backlight, in the maximum brightness mode:20 h
Connecting cable length:5 m
Power consumption:15 watts
AC power supply (via AC adapter):187-242 / 50 V / Hz
Battery power supply with output voltage: 5.5-7V
Interface for communication with external devices:DB9-FA / female (RS-232 interface)
PC connectivity:there is
Verification availability:there is
The weight:13.5 kg

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