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Medical equipment 

Laboratory scales VK _ 1 electronic (high-precision)

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Manufacturer: "MASSA-K"

Manufacturer country:  Russia

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Electronic laboratory scales VK _ 1. The scales are designed for measuring the mass of light and ultralight items in laboratories of enterprises, pharmacies, pawnshops, jewelry workshops. 

Scales allow you to work in counting mode, percentage weighing mode and calculate the total weight of the goods. The built-in battery provides autonomous operation of the scales for up to 24 hours. It is also possible to exchange information with external devices (for example, a computer) via the RS-232 interface.

The tare weight is set by pressing the "T" button.

The model range of scales is represented by 5 options differing from each other in technical parameters. For more details see the section Specifications.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.


  1. Laboratory scales VK _ 1 compares favorably with other models by the presence of additional measurement modes, which greatly facilitates the work and allows you to achieve maximum accuracy up to a milligram.
  2. The counting mode is intended for counting the number of piece goods by weight.
  3. There is also a percentage weighing mode and calculating the total weight of the goods.
  4. The tare weight setting mode is performed by pressing the "T" button.
  5. You should choose a VK _ 1 scale based on the parameters of the maximum and minimum load, as well as individual requirements for the readout discreteness and the tating range.
  6. If a minimum load is assumed and a small accuracy is required in the calculation of VK-150.1, it will become more suitable compared to VK-300.1 or VK-1500.1 for example.
  7. You can view the characteristic features of variations in the scales of laboratory VK _ 1 in the section Specifications.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:electronic laboratory scales VK _ 1
Maximum load:
  • VK-150.1 0.150 kg
  • VK-300.1 0.300 kg
  • VK-600.1 0.600 kg
  • VK-1500.1 1.5 kg
  • VK-3000.1 3 kg
Minimum load:
  • VK-150.1 0.0001 kg
  • VK-300.1 0.0002 kg
  • VK-600.1 0.001 kg
  • VK-1500.1 0.0025 kg 
  • VK-3000.1 0.005 kg
Readout discreteness:
  • VK-150.1 0.005 g
  • VK-300.1 0.01 g
  • VK-600.1 0.02 g
  • VK-1500.1 0.05 g 
  • VK-3000.1 0.1 g
Calibration range:
  • VK-150.1 0.150 g
  • VK-300.1 0.300 g
  • VK-600.1 0.600 g
  • VK-1500.1 1.5 g 
  • VK-3000.1 3 g 
Dimensions of scales (WxDxH):180x220x85 mm
Platform diameter for VK-150.1, VK-300.1 and VK-600.1 scales:120 mm
Platform size for scales VK-1500.1 and VK-3000.1 (WxD):136x162 mm
Operating temperature range: from +15 to +30 ° С
Weight of scales net / gross:1.5 / 2.1 kg
Battery operation of the scales:   up to 24 h
Backlit LCD:there is
Connectors for connecting to computers, POS and SMART terminals:RS-232

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