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Medical equipment 

Body composition and muscle and fat density analyzer model I30M-XBXUS

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Manufacturer: Mediana Co., Ltd

Manufacturer country: South Korea

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The I30M-XBXUS Body Composition Analyzer is a unique, ultra-precise, multifrequency muscle and fat density analyzer. Accurate analysis of body composition and water distribution in the body is provided using multifrequencymeasurements of the electrical current impedance analysis system. 

Using segmental body composition analysis and a tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrode system, an accurate algorithm for analyzing body composition and cell membrane resistance is compiled to accurately measure segmental body fat and muscle mass.

Of the main features, the blind mode allows you to hide the weight and body fat results on the screen for the privacy of individual users, and increased mobility is achieved due to the compactness and the ability to fold the analyzer. 

In addition to sports medicine, a systematic analysis of body composition makes it possible to analyze compositional changes, predict changes in body fat, as well as monitor the development curve of children during medical research, as well as for the prevention and early diagnosis of certain hormonal and endocrine disorders.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.

Analyzer features

  1. High correlation with "Gold standard" devices such as
  2. DEXA, computed tomography and isotope dilution analysis system.
  3. The presence of rotating hand electrodes assists in taking the measurement in a comfortable position.
  4. Blind mode allows you to hide weight and body fat information for confidential measurement.
  5. The I30M-XBXUS Body Fat and Muscle Analyzer benefits from a user-friendly graphical user interface design, an on-screen scale display system for traditional body composition analysis and wireless data transmission.
  6. The ergonomic design and rotating hand electrodes allow the user to easily pass the test.
  7. Due to the table of analysis results for both children and adults, age-based analysis is possible. The children's results format also includes a height and weight chart with a predicted value for 18 years.
  8. The data in the general table of results includes the 8 main parameters of a comprehensive body analysis:
  • Body composition analysis including indicators of total water in the body, muscle mass, fat mass, mass excluding fat, protein, minerals.
  • Muscle and Fat Analysis analyzes the percentage of weight, muscle and body fat;
  • Segmental Analysis makes a segmental assessment of the muscles.
  • Body type analysis is made using a comparative table of body types and comparison with the previous value of the result.
  • Body composition history charts individual history of weight, muscle, and body fat (%).
  • Weight control calculates BMI, degree of obesity (if any), desired weight.
  • Assessment of the ratio of visceral and abdominal fat.

Calorie intake calculates basal metabolic rate (BMR), total energy expenditure, calorie intake and expected fat burning.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:complex body analyzer I30M-XBXUS
Electrode type: tetrapolar electrode method using 8 point electrodes
Method of measurement:segment measurement using multifrequency





Power supply:220-230V / 50Hz
Measurement frequency:5, 50, 100 kHz
Measurement range:10 ~ 1000 Ohm
Measured weight:2.0 ~ 250.0 kg
Height range:60.0 ~ 220.0 cm
Input interface keyboard:keyboard, touch screen, barcode reader
Additional functions:data backup and recovery to USB and database export to CSV file
Front end:RS232C (9-pin serial) 1ea,

USB Host (Type A) 2 ea, Mini USB B (Type B) 1ea,

Bluetooth (optional),

Wi-Fi (optional)

Measurement time:about 30 seconds
Age measured:3 ~ 99 years old
Display:7 '' (600 x 1024) LCD color touchscreen
Dimensions:36 x 55.9 x 107.7 cm

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