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Medical equipment 

Rehabilitation exercise machine for children MOTOmed layson kidz.la

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Manufacturer: RECK-Technik GmbH & Co.

Manufacturer country:   Germany

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The MOTOmed layson kidz.la exercise machine is the embodiment of technology in a compact form. 

Equipped with baby foot pedals and baby handles, the MOTOmed layson kidz.la is a versatile medical trainer that trains the arms and legs of patients in passive and active modes, as well as electric motor support, undergoing treatment in intensive care and early rehabilitation units. 

Thanks to the height adjustment and intuitive operation of the MOTOmed, you can easily and easily adapt it to the individual needs of the little patient. With freely rotating casters and an optional extendable chassis, the MOTOmed can be easily installed at the hospital bed and positioned in a space-saving manner. 

Four-point fixation on the floor with a central fixation pedal provides stable support. For leg training, the TrainCare device is supplied as an accessory and can be individually adapted to the patient's shins. The plastic cover provides a secure fit for the legs and prevents over-stretching or locking of the knee joints. The knee angle adjuster allows you to precisely adjust the flexion and extension of the knee and hip joints. Adjustments can be made even during exercise.

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  1. The presence of special functions such as "Foot Assistant", "Movement Protection", the "Spasm Control" program with automatic change of the direction of rotation of the pedals, etc. contributes to full rehabilitation and targeted workout of all muscle groups.
  2. The MOTOmed "Servo Workout" function supports you while exercising in an active mode. This function allows you to independently train in an active mode, even with a small amount of your own strength. In this way, residual forces can be restored and maintained without unnecessary overvoltage.
  3. All MOTOmed models give the user extensive training feedback. Training data such as duration, distance, symmetry, energy expended, tone, average and maximum power in kW in active mode, the ratio of the duration of training in active and passive modes can be read by the user on the screen in real time, or in the form general analysis after training.
  4. All details are thought out for the maximum performance of the MOTOmed layson kidz.la in the inpatient setting of a rehabilitation center and a children's hospital.
  5. There is a selectable parallel chassis or an expandable chassis with a fix to the ground, and knee flexion adjustment includes an adjusting wheel.
  6. Maximum comfort and ease of use of the mechanotherapy trainer is also achieved by the color touch screen (7 "), swivel and tilted.
  7. The sturdy metal construction will ensure high quality and stability of the mechanotherapy rehabilitation session.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:exercise machine MOTOmed layson kidz.la
Expandable Chassis Dimensions:142-155 × 67-105 × 131-166 cm
Parallel chassis dimensions:142-155 × 67-97 × 131-166 cm
Expandable chassis:Gewicht, 98 kg
Height adjustment (maximum bed height): 105 cm
Chassis height (ground clearance): 10 cm
Type of shell:metal structure
Permitted user weight:up to 135 kg
Screen size:7 "(18cm)
AC voltage:100-240 V ~ / max. 120 VA
Mains frequency:47-63 Hz
Protection class:II / Type BF

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Specializes in the production and import of medical products. The main suppliers of the equipment of the company "AB FORM SISTEM" are the countries of near and far abroad - Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Korea, China, Japan.
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