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PIO walking simulator for children (small exercise machine)

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Manufacturer: Meden-Inmed

Manufacturer country: Poland

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The PIO gait simulator is a unique development of the Polish manufacturer of medical equipment Meden-Inmed, which is ideal for rehabilitation training of children with musculoskeletal disorders. The specially adapted design of the device is suitable for training children from 4 to 12 years old, and older with a fairly light weight. The mechanism of the gait simulator is aimed at performing complex rehabilitation exercises in an upright position.

Thanks to the functionality of the motor elements of the walking simulator, the child moves with his hands the corresponding elements of the mechanical structure, which are the support for the immobilized lower limbs. The trainee maintains an upright position thanks to the developed system of torso stabilization, and with the work done and the strength of his hands, he sets the whole body in motion - imitates walking.

This PIO rehabilitation gait trainer is also available in the adult configuration for patients undergoing post-stroke rehabilitation, as well as for movement therapy and recovery after spine and joint surgeries. Learn more about the PIO Walking Simulator for Adults here.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.


  1. Additional convenience of using the PIO children's gait simulator is provided by adjusting the height of the foot support, an electronic timer-step counter, a comfortable back and reliable braces.
  2. The possibility of an upright body position on the PIO rehabilitation walking simulator helps to activate the respiratory system, blood flow, and prevent urinary tract infections.
  3.  Walking simulation also prevents joint degeneration and tendon contracture by creating a dynamic load on the bones and muscles of the skeleton, which is especially important in the early rehabilitation period of both children and adults.
  4. Increased physical activity also contributes to an overall improvement in the patient's emotional and mental state.
  5. Of the special indications for the inclusion of a rehabilitation simulator of a walking simulator in the complex therapy and rehabilitation of children, cerebral palsy and other movement disorders, paresis or paralysis of the lower extremities, hemiparesis, tri- and tetraparesis after injuries and diseases of the brain and spinal cord are distinguished.
  6. Suitable for inpatient, outpatient and home use as recommended by the attending physician.
  7. Classes on the apparatus provide a passive study of the muscles and joints of the lower extremities; the gait simulator also uses the upper extremities with the shoulder girdle, abdominal and back muscles. Supports for the lumbar and chest can take two positions: rigid - for comfortable verticalization of the patient, and movable - to establish the correct position of the pelvis when walking.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:walking simulator PIO for children
Adjusting the height of the footrest:There is
Lower limb range of motion:Max. ± 18
User height:110-140 cm
Maximum patient weight:90 Kg
Dimensions:66 × 91 × 102 cm
Construction weight:50 Kg

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