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Distiller AE-5 electric laboratory

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Manufacturer: PF "Livam"

Manufacturer country:   Russia

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The water distiller is a device for water purification by means of thermal distillation. The AE-5 model of the Russian-made LIVAM distiller is one of the leaders in the market of medical equipment for laboratories, medical institutions with low power and pharmacy use. 

Distiller AE-5 is a modern heating element water distiller designed to produce high-quality distilled water. The aqua distillation capacity is 5L / h and meets the medical standards of distilled water. With the help of the AE-5 water distiller, full automation of the distillation process is possible, as well as its safety due to automatic protection against overheating.

The structure is completely disassembled and amenable to regular cleaning, which prolongs the life of the distiller and its return on investment. 

In addition to this model AE-5, modifications of electric distillers AE from LIVAM are also presented AE-25 (25 l / h) and AE-15 (15 l / h) distillers with a higher capacity of distilled water. You can view detailed information about each of the options by clicking on the corresponding link or by contacting us by filling out a simple contact form on the page Contacts.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.

Characteristic differences

  1. All laboratory distillers AE, including AE-5, are equipped with a heating element (thermal electric heater), which provides for automatic shutdown of electric heaters when the water supply is interrupted and the water level in the evaporation chamber drops below the permissible level. 
  2. The principle of operation of the heating element AE-5 is based on the condensation of steam generated by the boiling of water in the evaporation chamber, where the water is heated to boiling by an electric heater (heating elements). The resulting steam enters a condenser cooled with tap water, and, condensing, already in the form of distilled water, flows out into a collector for storing purified water. 
  3. The design of the AE distillers consists of stainless steel, which ensures a long service life of the equipment and reduces the cost of replacing laboratory distillers.
  4. Based on safety considerations in medical, laboratory and industrial institutions, preference should be given to water distillers with a built-in electric heater. The equipment includes solenoid valves for water supply. The temperature in the evaporator is regulated by a thermostat, the pressure in pipes and vessels is reliably controlled.
  5.  AE-5, like other more powerful models, has a special heat-shielding casing that ensures the optimum surface temperature of the water distiller during operation, which protects personnel from thermal burns. 
  6. Laboratory water still distiller AE-5 can be combined with a reservoir - a reservoir for storing purified water into a single system, with automatic shutdown of the water still after filling the reservoir. 
  7. The possibility of obtaining distillate with a temperature of 25 to 40 ° C using a distillate cooler. Distillate cooler sold separately.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:laboratory distiller (heating element) AE-5
Performance: 5 ± 10% l / h
Voltage:variable three-phase, 50 Hz, 220 V
Power consumption:3.6 ± 10% kW
The amount of water consumed:36 ± 10% l / h
Overall dimensions (WxDxH):235x485x500 mm
Weight:10 Kg
Produced water temperature:from 70 to 85 ° С

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Specializes in the production and import of medical products. The main suppliers of the equipment of the company "AB FORM SISTEM" are the countries of near and far abroad - Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Korea, China, Japan.
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