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Medical equipment 

Medical ultrasonic cleaner UZO-10-01 "MEDEL"

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Manufacturer: "Elamed"

Manufacturer country:  Russia

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Medical ultrasonic sink UZO-10-01 MEDEL is designed for ultrasonic pre-sterilization cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments and plastic products, melall, glass. This model UZO-10-01 MEDEL has a maximum capacity of 10 liters, which makes it indispensable in medical institutions with a high flow of surgical interventions and laboratory diagnostic procedures. 

Due to its maximum capacity, the ultrasonic cleaner UZO-10-01 MEDEL is also in demand in the laboratories of industrial enterprises. The medical washing model UZO-10-01 MEDEL is a full-fledged disinfection and disinfection device, indispensable when the results of patient treatment or the quality of products depend on the quality of cleaning. 

The ultrasonic cleaner of the UZO "MEDEL" series has 4 model variations differing from each other in volumetric characteristics in addition to the overall dimensions. Of the smaller medical sinks, there are UZO-3-01 MEDEL(3L), UZO-5-01 MEDEL(5L) and UZO-1-01 MEDEL (1L). You can view detailed information about each of the options by clicking on the corresponding link or by contacting us by filling out a simple contact form on the page Contacts.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.


  1. Largely due to its size and volume, UZO-10-01 MEDEL can be attributed to sinks of wide application. 
  2. The emitter is supplemented with a special emitting stainless steel plate, with the help of which a uniform intensity of the ultrasonic field is provided in the volume of the bath, sufficient for effective cleaning from: water-soluble and partially soluble polar organic and inorganic compounds (blood, protein, drugs, etc.), solid and liquid films from oils and fats of vegetable, mineral and animal origin.
  3. The control panel includes rubberized buttons, indicators of the network and the activated mode of operation, a display with the current / set time (timer).
  4. Protection system against starting without working solution or with an insufficient amount of it. In the absence of contact between the emitter and the liquid, an alarm is triggered (sound + light). Sound notification at the end of the time (end of the session, limited by the user on time). Timer for 20 minutes in 1 minute increments.  
  5. Respect for all items without exception, regardless of purpose, material of manufacture, size. UZO-10-01 MEDEL does not affect the sharpness, integrity, specularity of surfaces, the appearance of cracks, chips, etc. 
  6. Non-contact processing, eliminating the risk of personnel infection, electric shock, mechanical damage. The increased efficiency has made it possible to reduce power, which has a positive effect on the level of energy consumption and operational safety.   
  7. Medical sink UZO MEDEL 10 liter differs in availability (in comparison with imported counterparts) with the same functionality and high power and performance. 
  8. The high efficiency of disinfection is due to the use of a modern ultrasonic generator and emitter, reducing the distance between them and the reflector.

Technical specifications

Mains supply:220 (± 10%) V or 230 (-10%; + 6%) V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: not more than 200 VA
Working ultrasonic frequency:〖22〗 _ (- 1.6) ^ (+ 1.7) kHz
Radiated acoustic power range:75 W to 110 W
The range of settable processing time intervals:from 1 to 10 min with an interval of 1 min
Overall dimensions of the installation, taking into account the stand and the installation of the working bath in front of the stand:no more (430 × 640 × 500) mm
Useful volume: 10 liters
Unit weight including working bath with reflector and stand:13-14 kg
Installation operating conditions air temperature:from + 10 ° С to + 35 ° С
Relative humidity:up to 80% at t + 25 ° С

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