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Medical equipment 

Stationary surgical lamp NIKSY YD 02-5 + 12

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Manufacturer: NIKSY

Manufacturer country:   Russia

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YD-02-5 + 12 Surgical Fixed Ceiling Light is used in many medical institutions. Thanks to the shadowless effect of the lamp, the YD-02-5 + 12 model is ideal for operations. This model of a surgical lamp is made of lightweight materials, so that the shadowless operating lamp is lightweight and can be easily carried from place to place.

Today, almost 30% operating rooms and dressing rooms in the country are equipped with YD-02-5 + 12 surgical lights, which proves the increased performance and reliability of this type of stationary lights.

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  1. A special balancer gives stability to the luminaire body.
  2. The streamlined shape with a minimum of protruding parts makes it possible to use the lamp in disinfected operating rooms.
  3. Well-chosen parameters of light emission and color temperature provide excellent illumination (50,000 lux). For more details on the technical parameters, see the "Technical Specifications" section.
  4. The light weight of the YD-02-5 + 12 operating lamp is ergonomic and allows you to easily move from one place to another.
  5. During the operation, the adjustment of the light spot is carried out using the handle, which is easily sterilized, and the lamp remains sterile.
  6. Each component of the surgical lamp has an independent electrical circuit, which makes the device more reliable.
  7. The minimum ceiling height for fixing the luminaire is 3m 20cm

Technical specifications

Name / Model: NIKSY YD 02-5 + 12
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage:220 watts
Supply current frequency:50 Hz
Power consumption:500 VA
Bulb power:25 watts
Main (low-inertia) fuse:RT1-20 2A 250V
Performance characteristics
Nominal brightness:170,000 Lux;
Color temperature:4000 K;
Mechanical characteristics
Angle of rotation of the bracket on

fixed support:

360 degrees;
The angle of rotation of the lamp body around

dowel sleeve:

 360 degrees.
Lift and tilt angle of fork


38 degrees;
Angle of rotation of the forked part

left and right:

135 degrees;
The angle of rotation of the lamp body around

fork part:

150 degrees.

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