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Medical equipment 

Ultrasonic therapy device Ultrasonic 1300

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Manufacturer: EME PHYSIO

Manufacturer country:   Italy

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Ultrasonic 1300 is a unique new generation ultrasound emitter used for complex and restorative treatment of inflammatory processes of joints and tendons and pathologies of periarticular tissues in orthopedics, neurology, dermatology and cosmetology and sports medicine.

Ultrasonic 1300 belongs to the Ultrasonic 1000 series and is a single channel ultrasound therapy device with smart card and graphic display generating frequencies of 1, 2 and 3 MHz. It is possible to use ultrasound therapy with the Ultrasonic 1300 in both pulsed and continuous mode.

Ultrasound therapy sessions are prescribed for arthritis and arthrosis, bursitis, tendinitis, neuralgia, myalgia of various origins, as well as varicose ulcers, sciatic nerve inflammation and bronchial asthma. Ultrasound therapy with the Ultrasonic 1300 device has a positive effect in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis, cholecystitis and colitis. Also, if necessary, it is used in the complex rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19.

Ultrasound therapy apparatus model Ultrasonic 1500 is distinguished by the presence of an additional outlet.

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  1. The use of modern technologies makes it possible to update the firmware to increase the number of provided functions, expand the number of built-in programs. 
  2. The entire Ultrasonic 1000 series has been completely redesigned for optimum results, excellent reliability and maximum protection of the operator's hands from unwanted radiation. 
  3. Ultrasonic 1300 is lightweight and comfortable, making ultrasound physiotherapy affordable even in small spaces.
  4. The maximum permitted range of radiated power for standard operating frequencies is 1 and 3 MHz.
  5. It is possible to carry out procedures in water due to the use of waterproof ultrasonic emitters.
  6. It is possible to connect to electrotherapy devices for combined procedures.
  7. The built-in sensor for acoustic contact with the patient's skin pauses the therapy process in case of insufficient contact or in the absence of a contact gel. The state of the ultrasonic contact is displayed by a special indicator.
  8. How Ultrasonic 1500 both the two-channel and the Ultrasonic 1300 single-channel are equipped with a self-calibration mechanism to ensure optimal performance and extend service life.
  9. The large LCD graphic display shows the necessary therapy information, and a dedicated knob allows quick selection of the required parameters and provides access to a library of built-in programs (about 100). 
  10. The user can save up to 400 of his own therapy programs.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:ultrasound therapy machine Ultrasonic 1300 EME
LCD display:color graphic, 320 x 240 pixels, Touch & Scroll function
Power supply:230V, 50-60Hz ± 10% 
Maximum power consumption:40 watts
Timer:1-30 minutes  
Working Frequency:1/3 MHz   
Ultrasonic emitter:IPX4
Number of output channels:1
Peak power in continuous mode:2W / cm2 ± 20%
Peak Pulse Power:3W / cm2 ± 20%   
Working cycle:10-100%
Number of built-in protocols:65
The number of new protocols stored in the device memory:200
Number of new protocols stored on the smart card:200
Customizable and additional features and options:automatic emitter recognition,

self-calibration of low BNR emitters,


Software Update

Dimensions:390 × 140 × 300 mm
The weight:3.5 kg

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