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Medical equipment 

Magnetic therapy device DIAMAG (ALMAG-03)

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Manufacturer: Elatomsky Instrument Plant - Elamed

Manufacturer country:   Russia

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Magnetotherapy device Almag-03, so known as DIAMAG, is a unique medical device for the treatment and prevention of migraines and headaches. 

The clinical experience of the DIAMAG apparatus proves not only the relief of headaches, but also its prevention (with course use) by improving the blood supply to the brain and relieving vasospasm. 

Almag-03 also improves the general mental and emotional state of a person, relieves anxiety, depression, mood swings, normalizes sleep and cognitive functions. In addition to migraine and anxiety-depressive conditions, chronic cerebral ischemic disease (atherosclerosis of the cerebral vessels, hypertensive encephalopathy, vascular dementia), intracranial pressure and the consequences of a previous cerebrovascular accident (stroke, transient ischemic attack) are indications for magnetotherapy DIAMAG-03 ... 

The line of unique magnetotherapy devices of the Almag series is also presented Almag-01 and Almag-02.

The device can also be used to prevent the progression of Parkinson's disease and osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

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  1. The clinical efficacy and safety of the DIAMAG apparatus has been proven when used in acute and subacute periods of stroke.
  2. DIAMAG (ALMAG-03) is intended for physiotherapeutic treatment of brain diseases with a low-frequency low-intensity pulsed magnetic field in the conditions of physiotherapy departments and offices of medical institutions, as well as by the patient himself at home.
  3. The modern portable device DIAMAG (ALMAG-03) for transcranial therapy consists of a control unit and a headband emitter. The "Headband" emitter consists of two flexible emitting lines. Each of the emitting lines contains 6 inductors. The method of treatment is a low-frequency low-intensity running or stationary pulsed magnetic field, depending on the selected program.
  4. Among the types of pulsed magnetic fields, both a traveling pulsed magnetic field and a stationary magnetic field are noted.
  5. There is a complete relief of the pain syndrome at the initial manifestations of migraine attacks.
  6. Suitable for the complex therapy of the progression of Parkinson's disease, which helps to improve the quality of life of patients.
  7. Treatment with the DIAMAG device is possible at all stages, including during an exacerbation.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:magnetic therapy device DIAMAG (ALMAG-03)
Types of magnetic fields:running,


Power supply:220 V, 50 Hz
Electric power:10 VA
Number of preinstalled programs:4
Time of establishment of the working mode:no more than 60 sec.
Magnetic field intensity:8-10 mT
Impulse frequency: from 1 to 100 imp / s
Exposure time:20 minutes.
Safety class:II type BF
Dimensions (edit):30 x 31 x 8 cm
The weight no more than 1.6 kg

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