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Medical equipment 

Artificial lung ventilation device for emergency A-IVL-E-03 (transport)

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Manufacturer: Axion

Manufacturer country: Russia

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Transport artificial lung ventilation apparatus A-IVL-E-03 is a well-thought-out device for providing emergency care to patients with respiratory failure.

Model A-IVL-E-03 of the Russian manufacturer of high-precision medical equipment "Axion" is quite lightweight, which favorably distinguishes with its mobility and widespread use of transport ventilation in emergency and emergency services, military field medicine and disaster medicine, as well as in the nosocomial transportation of patients with disabilities. respiratory function.

In response to respiratory efforts (as well as in the absence of such), this device allows you to maintain sufficient ventilation of the lungs to saturate the blood with oxygen and ensure the vital functions of the body during resuscitation measures. Transport A-IVL-E-03 emergency has a number of advantages and meets Russian and international standards.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.

Benefits of using

  1. The presence of forced, forced-auxiliary, and auxiliary ventilation modes allows you to adapt to any emergency.
  2. In turn, the manual mode provides an emergency supply of a continuous flow of oxygen or air mixture, and the resuscitation mode is designed specifically for supplying oxygen during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  3. From the settings of the breathing parameters, you can select the breathing rate, minute volume, inhalation-exhalation ratio, respiratory pressure range, oxygen content in the supplied mixture, and so on.
  4. There is a possibility of ventilation through a face mask or tracheal tube, depending on the patient's condition.
  5. Highly informative 2.7-inch color display showing operating mode, minute volume, gas pressure, inspiratory-expiratory ratio, ventilation rate, battery level, pressure or volume graph (optional).
  6. It can be powered from a 2.9 Ah battery, the vehicle's on-board network and from the alternating current network.
  7. Built-in audible and visual alarms for high gas pressure in the breathing circuit, low gas pressure at the device inlet, low battery charge, or leakage in the patient breathing circuit provides additional safety.
  8. The robust control unit housing made of ABS plastic and the aluminum platform guarantee reliable use of the device in ASPM conditions.
  9. A-IVL-E-03 Axion is also distinguished by the ease of use of the device. Electronic control is complemented by mechanical knobs for adjusting the minute volume and ventilation frequency, which increases the speed of response of the medical staff to changes in the patient's condition.
  10. It is also possible to disconnect / connect a voice notification.
  11. The product has a function: pneumatic tract based on the experience of such world leaders as Dräger, Weinmann, Hamilton Medical. In the development process, characteristics have been achieved that provide a tidal volume of 20 mg to 3 liters
  12. in one breathing cycle. The device operates in 5 modes, including the forced ventilation mode IPPV + PEEP, as well as inhalation with pure oxygen.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions of the device:no more than 450х300х120 mm
Total weight of the device:no more, 12.0 kg
Nutrition:220/50 ± 2.5 V / Hz
Working hours:long lasting
Continuous battery life:not less than 5 hours
Operating pressure:270 - 600 kPa
Water ingress protection:IPX4

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