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Medical equipment 

Breathing gas humidifier VADI VH-2000

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Manufacturer: VADI

Manufacturer country: Taiwan

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The VH-2000 humidifier is designed to warm and increase the humidity of gases for patients requiring mechanical ventilation, at which the level of gas supply remains constant (for example, artificial and auxiliary ventilation of the lungs). VH-2000 helps maintain a constant balance of temperature and humidity of the air entering the lungs, which protects them from hypothermia, desiccation and other pathological phenomena.

Warm moisture is supplied by gas passing over the surface of the water heated in the humidifier chamber. The heating plate maintains a constant temperature, which is set by the heater power control button. Temperature is controlled by two sensors located at the outlet of the humidifier chamber and at the proximal end of the breathing circuit. The set power value is shown on the LED display.

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  1. The heating plate of the humidifier maintains a constant temperature, which is set by two buttons to decrease and increase the heater power.
  2. The set power value is shown on the display.
  3. With a tidal volume of 5 to 30 l / min, the temperature of the breathing mixture at the outlet of the supply hose of the humidifier is maintained in the range from 28 to 38 ° C.
  4. The time for establishing the operating mode is at least 25 minutes.
  5. Cameras are supplied with the ability to work from newborns to adults.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:gas humidifier VADI VH 2000
Voltage:220 ± 20V
Working Frequency:50 - 60 Hz
Heating plate:150W (water heater) / 20W (breathing circuit heater)
Respiratory flow volume:5-40 LPM
Maximum heating plate temperature:75 ℃
Heating time:less than 30 minutes
Display with data displaythere is
Alarms:there is
Dimensions:14 x 17 x 13.5 cm
The weight: 1.3 kg (without humidifier chamber)

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