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Medical equipment 

Electrotherapy device Elektra 2 (universal) for electrophoresis

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Manufacturer: EME PHYSIO

Manufacturer country:  Italy

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The universal electrotherapy device Elektra 2 allows you to select current waveforms and programs using different screenshots. You can choose from a list of current waveforms, treatment protocols or applications for each part of the body. You can also use the same programs on different channels or modify them, use in parallel, interleave, apply simultaneously, synchronize or apply sequentially.

Elektra 2 allows the use of electrotherapy without any restrictions, so that patients notice favorable changes, both general and local in the body. 

  • The neuromuscular system trains to correctly respond to voluntary and involuntary effort by active contraction; 
  • There is an increase in mobility in the joints through mechanical stretching of the muscles; 
  • There is an increase in the effectiveness of treatment of injuries due to the improvement of local circulation;
  • Gradual resorption of the tumor is possible due to the activity of the muscle pump.
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  1. Electrotherapy device Elektra 2 is designed for currents of various forms: galvanic current (continuous, intermittent) diadynamic currents (monophasic, biphasic, monophasic intermittent, biphasic intermittent, CP, DP); pulse currents (rectangular, triangular, Trebert current); 
  2. Also suitable for faradic currents (rectangular, triangular, Trebert current); pulsed, stochastic, modulated Tens (transcutaneous electroneurostimulation); biphasic currents (symmetric; asymmetric); interference currents (four-pole, isoplanar); vector field, bipolar, stimulating, Russian stimulation (Kotz current). 
  3. The main areas of application of the Elektra 2 physiotherapy apparatus for electrotherapy are as follows: pain management (chronic pain / postoperative acute pain); orthopedics (tendinitis, arthritis, epicondylitis, etc.); sports medicine (sprains, muscle pains, etc.); aesthetic medicine (Edematous - fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, lymphatic drainage, etc.); dermatology (keloids, lymphedema, bedsores, etc.); neurology (neuralgia, phantom pain, etc.); urogynecology (urinary incontinence).
  4. Thanks to electrotherapy, pain is modulated by a gate control mechanism, and spasticity is reduced due to the stimulation of agonists and antagonists.
  5. With the help of the device, transdermal administration of medicinal substances (iontophoresis) is possible;

Technical specifications

Name / Model:electrotherapy machine Elektra 2
Power supply:230V dc, 50-60Hz ± 10%
Maximum power consumption:30 VA
Double delayed fuse (T):315 mA – T
LCD display:color graphic 6 inches, touch
Timer:1-99 minutes
Working hours:constant pressure,


Safety class:II B
Interference currents: up to 4.000 Hz
High voltage currents:500 V
Constant galvanic currents: up to 50 mA
Diadynamic currents: up to 50 mA
Peak current with other forms of current:100 mA
Peak voltage:100 V
Number of independent channels:2
Reversal of polarity:automatically or manually
Number of built-in punctures:250
The number of new protocols stored in the device memory:200
Number of stored protocol sequences:10
The ability to save programs on a smart card sequences:100 programs. 100 I / T curves. twenty
USB memory:4 Gb
Compound:with ultrasound device, with Vacuumed
The weight:4.4 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD):39x14x30 cm

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