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Medical equipment 

Modern possibilities of surgical equipment: from laparotomy to endoscopy.

October 14, 2021

Modern medical technologies expand the capabilities of all branches of medicine, and the latest surgical equipment contributes to a favorable outcome of the operation, as a result of minimal trauma to both the doctor and the patient, shortening the postoperative period and contributing to the absence of complications.

Let's consider the most important devices and devices from among the surgical equipment, which is indispensable for surgical interventions.

The uniqueness of laparotomy to endoscopic operations in modern medicine lies in the possibility of computerizing the entire operating process as a whole. What is it like, the correct equipment of the operating unit that meets all the requirements of digital technologies of state and international standards today?

Surgical equipment used in laparotomy and endoscopic operations in general and abdominal surgery.

Electrosurgical coagulator electrosurgical unit EHVCH-80 SK-NIKOR - This is a multifunctional device that generates a high-frequency electrical signal of a given power (voltage) for electrotomy and electrocoagulation of tissues. 

This device is intended for surgical treatment in outpatient medical institutions and especially effective in minimally invasive gynecology, microsurgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.

It is worth noting the special uniqueness electrosurgical coagulator, which consists in achieving reliable hemostasis of superficial capillary bleeding. Thanks to the contactless technology SPRAY coagulation, absolute safety is achieved due to low operating currents and no risk of complications from the neutral plate.

Electrosurgical scalpel-coagulator EHVCH-400 SK- "NIKOR" intended for use in all areas of general and endoscopic surgery. Allows simultaneous connection and selection of the operating mode for all major tools: cutting, coagulation mono- and bi-coagulation. The apparatus also has non-contact coagulation (SRPAY)which is especially important in traumatology and complex open operations with multiple capillary bleeding.

OMX-5 / 80-01 "Axion" effectively sucks out fluids, tissue particles, air and gases from wounds and cavities during surgical operations.

Moreover, facilitates operation operating departments of hospitals and clinics due to the automatic maintenance of the established vacuum. In addition, the containers of the collection containers are strong, unbreakable, and quite capacious, which guarantees the reliability of storage of up to 4 liters of liquid and durability of use.

Operating microscope Microstar ОМ-100-F is an extremely important medical equipment, without which it is impossible to imagine modern surgery.

It is designed to carry out a variety of research and operations. Thanks to its carefully thought-out design, this device provides the specialist with smooth positioning. Navigation processes are carried out without any problems due to two comfortable handles. As a result, the doctor easily finds optimal position for microscope lenses in the process of performing an operation or research.

Even with prolonged work, the specialist does not experience any discomfort due to the presence special binoculars... All this, in turn, affects the improved quality and accuracy of medical services provided in a surgical environment at risk of the patient's life.

Surgical equipment for (minimally invasive endoscopic) operations

 Endovideo camera of the latest generation Endomedium with digital signal processing, capabilities text input and video archiving on an external USB device, allows you to get a high-quality image, natural color reproduction and has high noise immunity.

Product Features:
- High-speed processing of changes in the brightness of the observation object;
- Fine tuning of color rendition and other characteristics;
- High sensitivity and noise immunity;
- Adjustment of white balance, brightness level and color tone;

Modern illuminators are divided into two main types: halogen and xenon.

 Halogen illuminators "Endomedium»- reliable modern illuminators for endoscopic examinations. The presence of an insufflation channel allows air to be supplied into the studied cavity.  

xenon illuminators "Endomedium»An optimal combination of a high quality aspherical reflector with a powerful xenon lamp (OSRAM lamp) and an interference filter is used. This combination provides the greatest illumination and uniformity of the luminous flux in the operating field, and a heat filter eliminates heat damage to the lighting cable.

Rigid endoscopes
Rigid endoscopes are designed to transmit images from cavities during endoscopic operations. Combination plastic and metal makes the design of endoscopes reliable and electrically safe... They have such features as:

- Minimal image distortion;
- Perfect transmission of the image;
- Increased scale of the visible image;
- Fully immersed for sterilization and stable during autoclaving optics.

 Electromechanical morcellator

Electromechanical tissue grinder (morcellator) is designed for effective removal of tissue structures during laparoscopic interventions. The morcellator allows the use of a minimally invasive portal, shortening the time surgery operation hospitalization time.

Electrosurgical high-frequency devices (EHHF)

Universal electrosurgical devices EHVCh - 300 "Endomedium" - high quality devices manufactured at the level of world standards using the latest technologies, possess high output power and great functionality.

The devices are intended for use in all areas of medicine: abdominal surgery, plastic surgery, plastic surgery, gynecology, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, proctology, endoscopy, veterinary medicine, etc. The original circuitry allows electrotomy and electrocoagulation with minimal tissue necrosis.

Cutting with hemostasis enables combine the effects of cutting and coagulation modes. In addition, the presence of the regime "SPRAY" enables non-contact coagulation of large areas with capillary bleeding, but not for all models.

The device also has a number of qualities that ensure the efficiency of the surgical process:
- Fillguration - non-contact coagulation.
- Mixed mode - cutting combined with coagulation of small vessels during cutting
- Independent power adjustment for all modes
- Microcontroller control system with emergency control
- Digital display system
- Non-volatile memory of the current state
- Passive electrode breakage monitoring system provides increased patient safety
- Effective EHHF operation is also possible in liquid media
- Saving in the memory of the device settings when it is turned off  

Apparatus for injection (arthropump)

The device for injecting drug solutions from the joint "Endomedium" is used for arthroscopic operations. It is designed to create and maintain a predetermined fluid pressure in the operating space. And also, it provides the necessary consumption of a sterile solution of a drug for irrigation of tissue fragments, blood, purulent discharge, etc.
Devices for injection (uropompa)
Uropompa URO-01 "Endomedium" is intended for irrigation of the bladder cavity with medicinal solutions and maintaining the working pressure during urological manipulations. These devices have an aspiration module with a tank overflow control system.

Uro-pumps use a precision roller (peristaltic) pump to deliver fluid to the cavity, providing high-precision maintenance of the fluid flow rate and cavity pressure.
Devices for injection (hysteropump)
Apparatus for pumping liquid during hysteroscopy (hysteropump) ANZHG-1 "Endomedium" are intended for injecting a sterile solution of a drug into the uterine cavity during hysteroscopy and rectoscopy.

Multiple benefits use is obvious:

- Continuous flow of liquid without pulsation
- Automatic maintenance of the set pressure of the liquid medium
- Smooth adjustment of the fluid flow rate
- Digital indication of the set and real pressure in the cavity
- Control system of the escaped liquid (scales) with a control system of liquid deficiency
- Controlled by pneumatic safety electric pedal
- Microprocessor control and built-in self-diagnosis system
- Sound alarm in emergency mode
- Non-volatile memory of the set pressure and feed rate
- Low noise roller pump

In conclusion, or to the Buyer for a Note.

After reviewing the advanced models of surgical equipment, it becomes clear that medical equipment has taken a big step forward.

All the necessary devices and devices for surgical purposes listed above can be found in the product catalog of the "Ab Form Sistem" company by going to the online store through the main menu at the top of the site or by clicking on given link.

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