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Medical equipment 

Complex equipment of the medical center: how to choose the necessary medical equipment.

October 14, 2021

With thousands of medical device manufacturers around the world on a daily basis, and with retailers and catalogs touting the benefits of a vast array of "new and improved devices" to potential users, it is understandable that choosing a device to purchase has become a daunting task for healthcare leaders.

These difficulties are compounded by the lack of professional technical guidance from medical device specialists.

But still, let's try to understand the main aspects of these devices and tell you what criteria you should pay attention to when choosing them.

Medical equipment is an integral part of modern medical and diagnostic procedures. The very process of choosing medical equipment is very serious, on which the quality of medical care will depend in the future.

All medical equipment is subdivided into several basic types: diagnostic equipment, equipment for cardiology, equipment for resuscitation, equipment for surgery, equipment for physiotherapy, equipment for gynecology, neonotal equipment, equipment for rehabilitation, instrumentation, laboratory equipment, sterilization equipment.

There are a number of criteria when choosing medical equipment for public and private clinics.

At first, specialization and range of services offered in private clinics, they require a wider and improved assortment in a particular area than in public ones. So, for example, in specialized diagnostic clinics, ultrasound devices or fibrogastroscopes, as a rule, are more modern than in the therapeutic departments of multidisciplinary government institutions. As well as multidisciplinary, specialized clinics offer the latest technologies, including microscopic diagnostic devices, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

The second factor is budget... Government agencies do not have the opportunity to frequently update equipment, therefore, when choosing equipment, special attention should be paid to the versatility and quality of devices, which will serve as a guarantor of their durability. Moreover, a large flow of patients in public health facilities implies rapid wear and tear of equipment, which once again reminds of the importance of its quality.    

International standards and certifications medical devices also play an important role in the selection of reliable medical equipment.

When choosing equipment for any healthcare institution, you need to carefully study the manufacturer's brand; the presence of both the manufacturer and the supplier on the market, customer reviews, the presence of the international standard ISO 13485: 2003 and its counterparts in the face of state certification.

A certificate of conformity for medical equipment is a documentary evidence of the proper quality of devices and their compliance with the requirements of applicable regulatory documents. ISO standards are international standards that establish norms and rules for the implementation of standards for the production of medical devices. Their presence or absence determines the quality and potential hazard of medical products.

Assessment of the complexity of repair and search for parts... Any equipment may fail sooner or later, so before buying it, you should find out the prices for repairs and whether it is possible to search for parts in a particular neighborhood in which the medical facility is located. Check with your vendor for methods of rebuilding the equipment after the end of the warranty period.

Post-purchase hardware notes to be taken into account.

Additional costs for medical devices.

An important note on the topic is that in addition to the costs of the device itself, there are additional costs that include delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance costs, spare parts, consumables, reagents for diagnostic kits and training of medical personnel to work on the equipment, which makes the problem of seminars and refresher courses for working on a certain medical device urgent.

Knowledge required to use the equipment. In addition to accounting for additional costs, it is necessary to take into account the knowledge that specialists will need to use a particular equipment. The use of a medical device, even a relatively simple one, for example, an oxygen concentrator for patients, requires certain knowledge and skills. Both are acquired through prior education as well as training and work experience.

It follows from all the criteria that medical equipment differs in a number of specific characteristics that should be taken into account for the successful operation of a medical clinic, regardless of the profile of work. Correctly selected equipment is the key to reliable diagnostic results and highly effective treatment, which in turn will ensure the flow of patients and the prestige of the clinic.

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