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Medical equipment 

Analysis of modern models of oxygen concentrators: for resuscitation and home use

October 14, 2021

Nowadays, portable and silent oxygen concentrators of the new generation play a vital role in solving many problems associated with the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases of both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The use of an oxygen concentrator in these patients significantly improves the quality of life by relieving spasms of bronchopulmonary insufficiency and providing a much-needed flow of oxygen into the respiratory tract.

In contrast to the previously used methods of "liquefied oxygen cylinders", modern devices offer better oxygen supply and a number of conveniences in the process of use.

Let's take a deeper look at the difference between different models of oxygen concentrators for home and stationary use.

Modern apparatus for oxygen concentration is very easy to use.

They are compact, mobile and run on mains or battery power.

The device itself consists of two cylinders that process room air through a "molecular sieve"; as a result of which a gas mixture is produced on 95% consisting of oxygen.

Oxygen concentrators can be distinguished depending on on purpose and performance.

By the type of execution, the devices are stationary and portable.

It is also worth noting that in addition to generating oxygen, some concentrators also have functions by which you can make a healthy oxygen cocktail (You wouldn't mind, would you?)

Types of oxygen devices

- Medical oxygen conc.entspeakers (productivity from 5 to 10 liters per minute)

used in hospitals, health resorts, reanimobiles. The functionality of such hubs varies widely. For example, emergency care or long-term oxygen therapy for pulmonary and heart disease are some of the most common uses for concentrators. Due to its more powerful performance, this type of concentrator is widely used in therapeutic departments and operating rooms. Ambulances are also equipped with portable oxygen concentrators such as Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L), Armed 7F-10L, etc.

- Universal oxygen concentrators of medium productivity (capacity up to 5 liters per minute) By their name, they are suitable for use in almost all medical and diagnostic institutions: outpatient clinics, hospitals, as well as rest homes, fitness centers, beauty salons and for use at home. Effective for oxygen therapy sessions, preparation of foamy oxygenated drinks. The effectiveness of use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes during the recovery period after illness, with organic and functional disorders of the respiratory and circulatory organs, as well as in the presence of any types of oxygen starvation, observed by the patient or his family members, has been proven. Modern oxygen concentrators Bitmos OXY 6000 (5L) and its mobile version Bitmos OXY 300 have proven themselves in the international and domestic market.

- Oxygen concentrators for home use (productivity from 1 to 3 liters of oxygen per minute) characterizes comfort and practicality due to its small size, transportability and quiet operation. In addition, they can be carried with you, in the car and used for inhalation using nebulizers. (Armed 8F-3, Armed 7F-3L, Bitmos OXY 300)

Below is more detailed information on the oxygen concentrators available.

Oxygen concentrator Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L) is a powerful oxygen concentrator of the XXI century and differs markedly from analogues available on the domestic and European markets.

Convenient for both stationary and private use and emergency situations. Its main advantage is continuous quality control of the generated air mixture. In addition, the "smart" device gives a signal in case of overheating, power failure, critically low oxygen levels, system error, etc. The average service life of this model is 30 thousand hours or 5 years, which is much longer than that of most similar oxygen concentrators. It should be noted that with careful use and proper storage, the device can last much longer.
Unlike previous versions, this model has an underestimated noise level and on average 15-17% reduced dimensions... Thanks to this, the use and transportation of the equipment is much easier, and is possible even in small cars. This model produces up to 6 liters of oxygen mixture per minute.

The presence of a humidifier reduces and completely eliminates the risk of dry burns of the respiratory tract in patients with prolonged use. 

Oxygen concentrator Bitmos OXY 6000 (5L) also includes all the features of the previous model, however, having a lower noise level (31 dB), compared to the Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L), the noise level of which reaches 35 dB. This medical device weighs 3.8 kg less with good performance up to 5 liters of oxygen mixture per minute. There is also a filtration system, including bacterial filter, 99.9% percent excludes bacteria from the ambient air from entering the oxygen mixture and the standard humidifier of the produced mixture. Manual regulation of the air flow rate from 0.5 - 5 l / minute is possible.

Mobile oxygen concentrator Bitmos OXY 300 is one of the most compact hubs in the medical technology world. Standing out its small dimensions, this model is popular both in medical institutions and in home use.

For maximum convenience, the kit includes trolley bag... If necessary and at the request of the client, the hub can be equipped with a car charger. Available USB - interface stores settings and protocols of use in memoryallowing medical staff to use the data for further treatment. Despite its size, Bitmos OXY 300 is capable of producing up to 5 liters humidified oxygen mixture per minute.

Consumer note

An important factor in the efficiency and practicality of all oxygen concentrators is presence of a humidifier supplied oxygen mixture, which prevents drying out of the respiratory tract with oxygen.

In turn small-sized models much more mobile in terms of use and show excellent results in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions of oxygen deprivation.

Necessary take precautions when using any oxygen concentrators, placing the concentrator at a distance of at least 30 cm from walls and furniture to ensure unhindered dispersion of the separated air components. Be sure to use the supplied humidifier. 

Caring for the device does not require any special difficulties - enough change filters periodically.

And of course do not forget to consult your doctor when choosing the right oxygen concentrator.

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