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Orthopedic chair-chair for children with cerebral palsy "DL-Orto" (with a table)

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Manufacturer: "Ab Form Sistem"

Manufacturer country:  Uzbekistan

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Children's orthopedic chair-chair "DL-Orto" is a universal rehabilitation chair a simulator with a removable table for classes with disabled children and children with cerebral palsy.
The functionality of the children's orthopedic chair consists in switching it from a horizontal to a sitting position, full tabletop adjustment with the possibility of complete disassembly for transportation and the presence of 4 adjustable wheels that provides mobility.

The children's orthopedic chair-chair is supplied with fixation belts made of breathable fabric, soft headrests adjustable in height and width of the back, an abductor (soft roller for leg extension) and a footrest. Additional strength and durability is provided by a metal frame made of steel profile pipes coated with anti-corrosion powder-polymer paint.

The presence of a removable and adjustable table top expands the functionality of the chair for children with cerebral palsy. Eating food, all kinds of rehabilitation intellectual activities, as well as moving from room to room are some of the many purposes of the DL-Orto children's orthopedic chair. Due to their simple functional form and practicality, orthopedic chairs can be used in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, social care institutions and at home.

Attention! Production of orthopedic chairs for children with cerebral palsy "DL-Orto" as well as other equipment for the rehabilitation and care of children with musculoskeletal disorders is possible for the individual size of the child on request.

For detailed information about the product, please call the specified phone numbers (+998 90 185 55 73;  +998 71 289-61-88), via chat on our website, or by filling out a simple contact form here.



  1. Children's orthopedic chair "DL-Orto" is intended for children with various disorders of the musculoskeletal system, including children with cerebral palsy, severe forms of scoliosis, brain and spinal cord injuries of various etiology with paralysis of the limbs, degenerative-dystrophic and severe neurological disorders balance and coordination of movements. 
  2. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the design and manufacture for the individual sizes of each child, it will become easier to train the process of keeping the head in an upright position, the formation of correct posture, as well as the suppression of pathological reflexes, and the rehabilitation process will go more efficiently and faster. 
  3. Additionally, the rehabilitation chair-chair is equipped with a removable table that is installed on the armrests and has limiting sides on three sides (so that objects do not fall on the floor). If necessary, the table can be adjusted in height (up and down) and approach (back and forth), or removed completely.
  4. An orthopedic chair for intellectual activities with children with cerebral palsy is necessary in the presence of hyperkinesis and delayed psychomotor development. Giving the correct sitting position as well as regular sculpting, drawing and other educational games will prevent possible unwanted consequences.
  5. The back and seat have an orthopedic mattress made of breathable material with a filling for maximum seating comfort, sanitized and can be easily washed if dirty. 
  6. The "Sandals" footrest has fabric straps for securing the feet and provides additional support in the sitting position. 
  7. A rear lever, reclining backrest, and a lift-up footrest provide a switchable horizontal and vertical position, making it easy to transfer the baby from bed to chair and back. And the presence of 4 wheels will provide turns and movement in the desired direction.
  8. The backrest, seat, table, armrests and footrest are made of ecological wood with a three-layer hypoallergenic varnish coating that provides disinfection solutions without affecting the service life of the orthopedic chair.
  9. Children's orthopedic chair-chair "DL-Orto" has been approved by the best traumatologists and orthopedists of the Republican Scientific Center of Children's Orthopedics and more than 20 other medical and preventive and health institutions of Uzbekistan.

Technical specifications


The standard sizes of the DL-Orto children's orthopedic chair for children with cerebral palsy are presented as a sample for your reference. When ordering a special children's orthopedic chair with a removable table, individual measurements will be made.

Width:45-50 cm
Length:80 cm
Height:78-80 cm
Backrest height:44-48 cm
Height of armrests from seat:17-24 cm
Seat width:30-32 cm
Seat depth:30-32 cm
Max. lifting capacityup to 35 kg

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