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Medical equipment 

Mobile oxygen concentrator Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L)

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Manufacturer: Bitmos GmbH

Manufacturer country:   Germany

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Bitmos Oxy 6000 (6L) is the smartest oxygen concentrator for the home among its counterparts. He continuously analyzes his work and controls the quality of the air mixture produced. The use of this device for carrying out oxygen therapy for various diseases of the heart and lungs, accompanied by respiratory failure, increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues, normalizes the heart rhythm, increases the patient's resistance to physical exertion, and also positively affects the psychoemotional state and general well-being of seriously ill patients.

Oxygen concentrator OXY 6000 is one of the most efficient and affordable oxygen concentrators from the entire line provided by Bitmos. Thanks to the noise insulation system due to the built-in filters, andsimilar electronic regulation of air-oxygen flow with an accuracy of 0.1 l / min and bacterial filtration, 6 l OXY 6000 is an irreplaceable oxygen concentrator both at home and in stationary conditions. 

This OXY 6000 range also has a smaller model BITMOS OXY-6000 (5 L) with a capacity of up to 5 liters per minute. View the main parameters and a brief description of this model of the oxygen concentrator Bitmos can here.

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Characteristic differences

  1. Oxygen concentrator Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L) can produce up to 6 liters of air-oxygen mixture per minute with increased oxygen concentration. With a capacity of 5-6 liters, the oxygen concentration is at least 90%.
  2. Thanks to a powerful and well-thought-out oxygen filtration system, Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L) is able to work 24 hours from the mains. 
  3. The low noise level (35 dB) also promotes use both in hospitals and at home. 
  4. The built-in gas analyzer controls the oxygen concentration keeping it at a stable level, which ensures the consistency of oxygen therapy.
  5. In the event of a power failure and overheating, an alarm is automatically triggered.
  6. Internal antibacterial filter available - purification from bacteria and viruses up to 99.9%.
  7. There is a possibility of remote connection of the humidifier. The humidifier can be located both on the concentrator itself and in a special stand at a distance of up to 15 meters. The remote humidification kit allows the patient to move freely within the apartment or room.
  8. The Bitmos OXY 6000 6L is easy to move thanks to its sturdy handle and four swivel wheels.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:Bitmos OXY 6000 (6L)
Oxygen flow saturation:At a productivity of 1-4 l / min: 95%; 

At a productivity of 4-5 l / min: 85%; 

At a productivity of 5-6 l / min: 75%

Dimensions:52 x 20.3 x 53.5
Noise level:35 dB.
The weight:19.8 kg
Oxygen productivity:up to 6 l / min.
Working voltage:220V, 50Hz
Operating conditions:during operation from + 10 to + 40 ° C;  

during storage and transportation from - 20 to + 50 ° C

Consumed electrical power:360 watts

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