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Medical equipment 

Electrosurgical coagulator electrosurgical EHVCH-80 SK-NIKOR

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Manufacturer: "NPO" NIKOR "

Manufacturer country:    Russia

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EHVCh-80 sk-NIKOR is a low-power portable self-contained EHHC device, ideal for minimally invasive surgical operations (cosmetology, microsurgery, operative gynecology and urology). In stock and on order also available multifunctional EHHF high power generator EHVCH-400 sk- "NIKOR"

The uniqueness of the EHVCh-80 sk-NIKOR coagulator electrosurgical unit lies in the ability to use electrosurgery in the field thanks to a built-in battery or by connecting an external 12V voltage source. and the mobile environment of ambulance and emergency vehicles.

Stand-alone electrosurgical scalpel coagulator EHVCh-80 "NIKOR" will be convenient not only in surgery but also in the field of dressing non-transportable patients. Please note that when developing the NPO NIKOR electrosurgical units developed the technology of non-contact SPREY-coagulation (patented mode) in bipolar mode. SPREY-coagulation is a mode that allows for surface non-contact coagulation with a strong coagulation layer, while carbon deposits do not form on the instrument. In the high-voltage SPREY-coagulation mode, cold plasma with an arc length of 0.5-20 mm provides a soft effect on tissues, without requiring argon to be supplied to the affected area, but achieving the same result.

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  1. The control system of the electrosurgical coagulator is microprocessor-based.
  2. Defibrillator protected.
  3. The ability to adjust the power in a wide range (9 levels in each mode) and its simultaneous stabilization, regardless of the state of the tissues.
  4. Automatic monitoring of the state of the neutral electrode.
  5. The modes are switched on both from the handles of the electric holders and from the pedal.
  6. It can be operated from any 12V 100W medical source or battery (not included).
  7. When EHVCH-80 is turned on, it automatically adjusts to the mode in which it was turned off. This minimizes the risk of error and saves time on re-configuration.

Technical specifications

Name / Model: EHVCH-80 sk-NIKOR
Maximum power in monopolar coagulation mode:80 watts
Maximum power in bipolar coagulation mode:80 watts
Non-contact coagulation mode (SPRAY):there is
High-voltage contactless coagulation voltage:not more than 2000 V
Working part type: CF
High frequency leakage currents:no more - 50 mA
Electric shock protection circuit:Class I
Battery life for an operation of medium complexity:at least two hours
Operating time with external power supply connected:unlimited
Rated operating frequency:440 kHz
Main power supply:built-in 12 V battery
Power supply: single-phase. network 220 V, 50 (60) Hz
Maximum power consumption from the network:no more than 120 VA
Connector type:eurostandard, ValleyLab
Overall dimensions of the main unit (generator):no more (315 x 275 x 185) mm
Basic weight of the device:no more than 6 kg

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