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Device for the treatment of chronic prostatitis MAVIT (ULP-01)

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Manufacturer: Elatomsky Instrument Plant - Elamed

Manufacturer country:   Russia

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The special physiotherapy apparatus MAVIT (ULP-01) is designed to treat a wide range of urological problems in men. Due to its high portability, good efficiency and ease of use, MAVIT (ULP-01) used in inpatient, outpatient and home conditions for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis (including adenoma).

The action of heat, a pulsed magnetic field and vibromassage is aimed at treating inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland in the stage of abatement of the inflammatory process and in the phase of remission. Treatment can be carried out in a complex manner, using antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulators, adaptogens, or in monotherapy mode.

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  1. Today MAVIT (ULP-01) is a unique, unparalleled physiotherapy device.
  2. In the MAVIT device, three therapeutic factors (heat, magnetic field and vibration) are used, which allow to independently carry out a complex effect on the prostate gland and give a stable, much faster therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases of the prostate gland (prostate).
  3. This is a device that heals the prostate gland by the simultaneous effect of heat, magnetic field and vibration massage. This combined application of physiotherapy methods is the most effective! In addition, the heat-magnet-vibration massage of the MAVIT device enhances the effects of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment.
  4. After treatment with the device MAVIT ULP-01, pain sensations decrease, urination improves, erection increases.
  5. Almost all patients note the comfort and high efficiency of the procedures performed on the MAVIT ULP-01 device.
  6. In the modification of the MAVIT device, a timer for switching off the probe is installed, since some patients who were treated with MAVIT at home simply fell asleep during the procedure due to its analgesic and sedative effect.
  7. In this modification, the physiotherapy apparatus MAVIT (ULP-01), the direction of vibration of the probe is transverse to the axis, which has a more pronounced effect of massage of the prostate gland.
  8. Preventive courses reduce the likelihood of recurrence of prostate diseases to almost zero.
  9. The physiotherapeutic effect of MAVIT in chronic prostatitis promotes 
  10. pain relief and normalization of urination, a decrease in the amount of residual urine in the bladder and an increase in the time between the urge to urinate. All this prevents further swelling of the prostate gland.
  11. With erectile dysfunction, MAVIT (ULP 01) can enhance and increase the duration of potency, relieve pain during ejaculation, helping to achieve orgasm, as well as restoring psychological comfort and self-confidence.

  12. Contraindications are acute diseases of the rectum, malignant neoplasms of the prostate and rectum, tuberculosis or suspected tuberculosis of the prostate.

Technical specifications

Name / Model:portable device MAVIT (ULP-01) for the treatment of prostatitis
Power supply:220-230 V / 50 Hz
Power: 5 VA
Applicator working area surface temperature:38,5 - 42 ° C
Applicator magnetic field amplitude:from 3 to 30 mT
Repetition rate of monopolar pulses:20 Hertz to 100 Hz
Cycle duration: 12 sec
Amplitude of vibration of the applicator in START-STOP mode:from 0.01 to 0.1 mm
Vibration frequency: changes cyclically from 20 Hertz to 100 Hertz.
Operation of the device:6 hours with pauses of 20 minutes; after - a break of 60 minutes.
Device dimensions:   no more than 119 x 100 x 65 mm
The weight:no more than 700 gr

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